When will we act?

Like everyone else, I was horrified and deeply saddened by the atrocity in Orlando. It also made me extremely angry. How many more of these slaughters do we have to endure? Trump, ignoramus that he is, intimated that somehow President Obama was complicit in this. No. The Congress of the United States of America is […]

We need more love in the world right now

The only solution I can imagine to this rampant hate lies within each heart and the choices we make each hour and each day. If we allow mean and hateful people to invite us to think, speak, act in mean and hateful ways, they have won. To counter hate and violence with hate and violence […]

Main Street hazards and traffic accidents

In spite of intentions to improve traffic and pedestrian safety on Main Street, the stripes, colors, patterns and roadway admonitions following the renovation of Main Street cause confusion and hesitation and don’t seem to be doing it. Crossing pedestrians often have a false sense of security. There are too many crossings and there are inattentive […]

The irony of banning

David Magadini has been banned from using the two libraries in Great Barrington. According to library staff (I use the Mason Library weekly and the staff is both helpful and professional,) Mr. Magadini doesn’t follow library rules and is rude to the staff. An example of this alleged rudeness is not leaving the library at […]

No longer a partner

After the recent rejection of the school budget by the voters of Great Barrington at their town meeting, I think it is clear that that the 215 people who voted down our school budget have sent a strong symbolic message. Those voters, whom henceforth I will refer to as the Mighty 215, are fed up […]

You have to file to run for office; it’s the law

I was amused by Rinaldo Del Gallo’s protestation about being excluded from a debate. He says that his announcement to run for the state Senate seat being vacated by Ben Downing is a mere “formality”. Well in fact, as a lawyer, he should know all about “formality.” Court is nothing but a theater of formality. […]

Del Gallo talks record

I was shocked when I went to the WAMC website and listened to the March 2 interview by Jim Levulis, “Another Democrat enters Western Mass. state Senate race.” At 1:10, Mr. Levulis stated, “[Andrea] Harrington has said she is undecided on the proposed Northeast Energy Direct Pipeline that will run through the region.” At 3:05 […]

Need to keep up the fight

Positive steps are being taken in Massachusetts in confronting the opioid crisis. The governor and Legislature devoted funds for Narcan, which has saved lives. There is preventive education in schools, doctors are required to check into the prescription database, a first-in-the-nation seven-day limit on first-time opioid prescriptions has been established, and more. Now, we welcome […]

We still need to stand up to Kinder Morgan

At the Tuesday, March 29 Department of Public Utilities hearings on Tennessee Gas and Kinder Morgan’s request to be allowed use eminent domain to gain access to and use of private property for their pipeline routes, demonstrators had signs reading “no eminent domain for private gain.” A fellow attendee commented that was a catchy phrase, […]

Enough is enough!

Enough is enough! I never thought I would be writing a letter out of frustration and, maybe even a little anger, about what’s happening in Great Barrington’s governing body. I know this will probably fall on deaf ears, but I need to get it off my chest. I have lived in Great Barrington for 42 years and […]

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