McLaughlin admits to strangulation and assault charges

Steven M. McLaughlin, 25, of Draper Ave., Pittsfield, admitted to sufficient facts of strangulation or suffocation and assault and battery in Great Barrington. On July 11, at approximately 7 p.m. a victim contacted the police station to report he had been assaulted. The victim was advised to come into the station to speak with police, […]

Drunk driving accident leads to conviction

Peter K. Nugent, 59, of Water Farm Road, Sheffield, admitted to sufficient facts of operating a motor vehicle under the influence of alcohol and negligent operation of a motor vehicle in Sheffield. On May 18, police responded to a report of a one-car accident and a driver attempting to leave the scene in the vicinity […]

Robbery nets 18 months in lockup

Nathan P. Lopes, 22, of Tyler Street, Pittsfield, pleaded guilty in Southern Berkshire District Court to five charges in connection with an April 5 burglary of Xicohtencatl Restaurant in Southern Berkshire District Court. Lopes admitted that he broke into the Stockbridge Road restaurant and stole cash, then attempted to divert officers by reporting a fake […]

Court Beat: Another shoplifter hits Price Chopper

Jeffrey Miller, 24, John St, Pittsfield, admitted to sufficient acts of shoplifting at the Price Chopper supermarket in Lenox. On Jan. 18 a loss prevention officer observed a male leaving the store after concealing items in a large red coat. Surveillance footage showed the man hiding two bottles of baby formula valued at $15.38 and […]

Court Beat

A 25-year-old Lenox Dale man pleaded guilty to assault and battery and heroin possession in two separate cases in Southern Berkshire Court last week. In a third case before the court, he admitted to sufficient facts of breaking and entering a neighbor’s home and stealing a winning lottery ticket as well as $5,000 in cash. […]

Assault at nursing home in GB

Shane J. Coffey, 41, of Devon Road, Stockbridge, pleaded guilty to disturbing the peace, disorderly conduct and two counts of threatening to commit a crime. On July 2, police responded to a disturbance on Main Street. A woman who was painting on a bridge near a small park said Coffey was drunk, had been using […]

Shoe thief admits to crime, faces fine and probation

David M. Taliaferro, 43, of Lake Way, Pittsfield, pleaded guilty to possession of heroin, a Class A drug, and driving with a suspended license in Stockbridge. On July 19, police responded to a report that heroin was being sold outside Michael’s Restaurant. They saw a suspicious gray sedan in the vicinity driving slowly and crossing […]

McDonald’s thief admits her guilt, faces no jail time

Cynthia Palmer, 31, of Prospect Street, Lee, admitted to sufficient facts of larceny over $250 at the McDonald’s franchise in Lee. On April 4, the office manager for the McDonald’s on Housatonic Street reported that a deposit of $1,878 from April 3 had never been made at Berkshire Bank. A surveillance camera showed Palmer, the […]