Matchstick Architects: All That’s In Between

Matchstick Architects: All That’s In Between

The Matchstick Architects are a band based mostly in the Berkshires. (A couple of members are from New York and Connecticut respectively, but who’s counting?) If you’re into the local music scene, chances are you’ve heard these guys (and gals) play, and, if you’ve got ears, you’ve enjoyed them. The Matchstick Architects recently released an […]

New Moon” by Pooja Prema is a must-hear album

From the woman who has brought to the Berkshires and beyond clowning and brilliant floral arrangements; performances in rivers, parking lots and elevators; and her own collective, Rogue Angel Theatre Company, comes a new musical narrative — on ukulele. Pooja Ru Prema’s debut album, “New Moon” is a full-length record of original music, four years […]

Wandering Oak’s debut EP dynamic range across the metal genre

Recorded in Dalton at RQR Studios around the time of the Autumnal Equinox, “Advent,” Wandering Oak’s debut EP — or, “aural illumination,” as they like to call it — was released in late-November, ahead of the Winter Solstice and next touring season. The four-track album from a four-man band packs in a range of dynamics […]