Gilded Cage

A fascinating blend of the New Times bestselling books Red Rising and Queen of the Tearling, Gilded Cage by Vic James manages to be both an exciting story of revolution and resistance and a quiet, thoughtful meditation on the effects of power and wealth. In a society in which every resident—except the privileged few who […]



Hannah Hart has over two and a half million subscribers to her Youtube channel, where she’s become famous for her “Drunk Kitchen” episodes, a show in which she, not unexpectedly, gets drunk and cooks. It would be only too easy to dismiss this as just one more in a million silly, random ideas that made […]


It’s no secret that the mainstream popularity of young adult (YA) literature has been on the rise—and not just with the “young adults” themselves. In fact, the vast majority of these books are bought by adults, and for adults. According to Nielsen’s research, as of last year, 80% of all sold YA books were destined […]



There are some stories that rarely get told. Viscera, by local author Gabriel Squailia, also known as the Berkshires’ beloved DJ BFG, is not only a rarely told—and sorely needed—story, it is also an exquisite amalgamation of heart-wrenching truths and singularly eccentric fictions. A motley crew is assembled on a journey, thrown together by mere […]

All The Birds in the Sky

All The Birds  in the Sky

In a spectacular debut by author Charlie Jane Anders, “All the Birds in the Sky” answers all our wildest genre-bending what-ifs, with a tech-ridden present-day setting subtly populated by witches and talking animals. Patricia, woodsy and witchy, and Laurence, sun-phobic and tech-obsessed, don’t have a thing in common—unless you count both being misfits at school. […]

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child

Marketed as “the eighth story, nineteen years later”, though actually a rehearsal script and not another novel, “Harry Potter & The Cursed Child” is an odd yet compelling mix of gleeful fan service and wildly questionable plot. The story begins precisely where the seventh book left off. Indeed, the first scene is a fuller version […]

Book Review: Sylvain Neuvel’s ‘Sleeping Giants’

Book Review: Sylvain Neuvel’s ‘Sleeping Giants’

A little girl, on a walk through the woods behind her house, falls into a hole and lands sprawled atop a metal hand, symbols etched into its hard skin glowing faintly blue, softly illuminating the dark South Dakota night. Years later, that little girl, Rose, now all grown up and a brilliant physicist, works on […]

Lawson’s ‘Furiously Happy’

A thoughtful reader may often deduce what a book may hold just within its first few pages; with Jenny Lawson’s “Furiously Happy”, however, it barely even takes a glance at the front cover, splashed with an image of a scandalously enthusiastic taxidermy raccoon, to know that this book is going to be rip-roaringly hilarious—and possibly, […]