Top row from left to right: Sara Wallach, Hannah Plishtin, Erin Barry
Bottom row from left to right: Camille Breslin, Mika Mintz, Julia Keenan, Teruko Kushi

The No. Six Depot Gallery will host a multimedia exhibition featuring the work of 30 young artists hailing from, or currently living in or around the Berkshires. The Berkshires, at large, are replete with young talent that goes underrepresented in the public sphere. This show creates a forum for this work to be shared. The show will run from March 16, – April 30, with an opening reception on March 19 from 4-5:30 p.m.

Twenty-three visual artists will be featured in the show: Taylor Aldrich, Simon Ban, Erin Barry, Woodson Black, Jake Borden, Camille Breslin, Cate Crowley, Abigail Fenton, Tyler Gasek, Marie Humes, Julia Keenan, Teruko Kushi, Mika Mintz, Carlo Mongiardo, Hannah Plishtin, Kelly Potter, Nicole Rose, Miriam Ross, Emma Rothenberg-Ware, Eli Shalan, Luke Shalan, Sarah Steadman, and Sara Wallach.

During the show, several live events will be held including live music by Nico Wohl at the reception (March 19), a poetry reading by Steven Amash (April 2), a musical performance by Haux, and Simon McTeigue (April 8), a Theory Kitchen tasting menu by Theo Friedman (April 14), INKLESS storytelling (April 22) and a collaborative dance performance by Emily Glick, Mika Mintz, and Lexie Thrash with digital design by Sam Okerstrom-Lang (April 29).

30under30 is a colorful display of the young talent found right here in the Berkshires. T The work ranges from an exploration of the female form culminating in drawings by women from around the globe to an investigation of something ruined and the crisis in a moment. Some work seeks to uncover the nuances of mundane processes. Other work seeks to question that which makes us human. As a whole, 30under30 showcases the remarkable creative versatility of our local youth.

30under30 will run through April 30. Most of the artists (including the curator, Mika Mintz) will be present at the opening reception on March 19, from 4 – 5:30 p.m., with live music by Nico Wohl. Gallery hours are 8 a.m. – 4 p.m. every day. For additional information, visit