Sylvain Neuvel Sleeping Giants
A little girl, on a walk through the woods behind her house, falls into a hole and lands sprawled atop a metal hand, symbols etched into its hard skin glowing faintly blue, softly illuminating the dark South Dakota night. Years later, that little girl, Rose, now all grown up and a brilliant physicist, works on unlocking the enigmas behind that impossible hand that she stumbled upon so many years ago.

Sleeping Giants is uniquely, yet fittingly, told entirely through documents like news articles, field reports, interview transcripts and personnel logs, in which Dr. Rose Franklin and her assembled crack investigative team, foremost among them, a snarky French Canadian linguist, and a tough army helicopter pilot, come to life. This approach works impeccably to the story’s advantage, especially in the interviews, in which the interviewer is given no name or job title, serving to build a sense of eerie mystery.

And you’ll be able to feel as much of an investigator as the characters do as you pore over documents into the night in search of answers. The tale the documents piece together is not only gripping from the first page to the last—it is a terrifyingly timely story filled with run-ins with North Korea and Russia, cryptic government machinations, corporate ruthlessness, ethically questionable medical advancement, and the militarization of new and little-understood technology.

As the plot reveals pieces of its fascinating puzzle and draws out the true selves of the incredibly compelling characters, you’ll be nodding at every seemingly small, rational, understandable step taken in the name of discovery… until you put the book down, and suddenly stand back in horror wondering how it got to this point. Are we humans doomed to create our own destruction? Even when we seek to create or discover something wonderful, will we inevitably use it to decimate? With a great mystery, some awesome action, and full of fascinating political, scientific, and philosophical twists and turns, Sleeping Giants is the perfect engrossing summer read of 2016.